The Freight Summit (TFS) is one of the world’s leading open networking events for independent freight forwarders from all over the world. This networking conference promotes camaraderie among the participating companies, and most importantly quality transactions within these independent forwarders. TFS provides a platform for forwarders to meet like-minded individuals and grow their businesses.

As part of RWSolutions, the company who owns TFS, I was given the task to organize the whole operations management of this B2B networking event; from securing the venue contracts, scouting for event suppliers, sales and marketing, and plan execution on-site. I was able to interact and build friendships among the delegates of TFS, while enjoying the challenging task of managing the whole event.

I organized the following TFS editions:
– The Freight Summit 2012 – Macao
– The Freight Summit 2013 – Bangkok, Thailand
– The Freight Summit 2014 – Bangkok, Thailand
– The Freight Summit 2015 – Pattaya, Thailand

To read more about how these events came to life, click here: TFS Event Summary

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